GRO Biosciences

GRO Biosciences is leveraging breakthrough technologies from computational protein design and synthetic biology to develop best-in-class protein therapeutics with enhanced properties. The company has established multiple genomically recoded strains of bacteria that can incorporate non-standard amino acids into proteins to confer increased potency, stability, and targeted delivery. GRO Biosciences is applying its technology platform to develop improved protein therapeutics for diabetes, growth disorders and autoimmunity. The company, founded by Dr. George Church, is located at the Harvard Life Lab, a shared laboratory space for high-potential life sciences and biotechnology startups founded by Harvard faculty, alumni, students, and postdoctoral scholars.

RA/Senior RA, Protein Biochemistry

GRO Biosciences (GRObio) is hiring a Research Associate (RA) or Senior RA to advance the company’s recoded organism technology. Recoded organisms enable efficient production of proteins using an expanded amino acid alphabet. Imagine working for a biotechnology company that doesn’t have to play by the rules of its competitors. With the tools at GRObio you’ll have the opportunity to solve problems once considered impossible. The candidate for this position will work in Product Development and will facilitate early-stage product discovery and evaluation.  Regular activities will include planning experiments and performing biomass generation, product purification and product characterization.  This position will interface heavily with other team members to demonstrate successful quality control of product preparations, and there is growth opportunity within the company for the capable candidate.  

Long-term prospects for this position include:

  • Expanding core job responsibilities to additional aspects of R&D workflow

  • Planning, managing, and implementing high throughput, multiplexed workflows to enhance GRObio’s product evaluation pipeline


  • Interface with Product Development team to tailor activities to team needs

  • Express and purify products using a variety of biochemical techniques

  • Carry out basic biochemical characterization and quality control of product batches

  • Pilot new growth and/or purification conditions with the Product Development team

  • Diligently record progress in our electronic lab notebook and LIMS systems

  • Clearly communicate results and recommendations with team both in-person and online 


  • Requisite experience

    • MS degree, or BS/BA degree plus at least 1 year of research experience, in biology, microbiology, biotechnology, synthetic biology, systems biology, biological engineering, or other related field

    • Proficiency in molecular biology and microbiology

    •  Experience with protein purifications

  • Desired experience

    • Exposure to industrial biotechnology

    • Biochemical techniques such as electrophoresis, thermophoresis, chromatography (size exclusion, ion exchange, reverse-phased, affinity-based), and microfluidic separation

Interested candidates should send cover letters and resumes to with subject REQ1902